[wvc_testimonial_slider slideshow_speed=”6000″ nav_arrows=”false”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”“I thoroughly enjoyed not only working with Sava, but also learning from him. He has been a big part in helping us to nail our sound“” name=”Frank Peto (KAALI)” rating=”-1″ avatar=”1914″ link=”Gozer Maklov”][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Sava is just great! It’s so easy to collaborate with him. He understands music one is playing instantly and provides great insight what can be improved, added, rearranged. He worked with two of my bands so far and the results were amazing. Sava is definitely one of the most creative people I’ve worked with in my career. No matter what genre of music you’re into he’s your guy!” name=”Viktor Nagradić (Suffering’s The Price, KAALI)” rating=”-1″ avatar=”1861″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Probably the only mixing engineer from Serbia who really knows how to achieve a great hardcore/metal mix. We’ve been working with Sava on two of our releases (so far) and we were more than happy with how they turned out to be both times. Not only he’ll nail the technical aspect of your mix, but he’ll also capture the essence of your band’s overall tone and energy. Do yourself a favour and let this man make your release an AOTY!” name=”Ognjen Jeremić (Mind prison)” rating=”-1″][wvc_testimonial_slide text=”Working with Sava has been a great experience for me. He’s shown multiple times that he can handle any genre and make it sound exactly as you want. It’s also amazing how fast he can deliver the product that you want, which shows his professionalism, passion, and of course – that the customer is the most important. Sava knows his job and he makes sure every detail is in its place, while being friendly and easy to comunicate with. I always look forward working with him and every time i do – i know my songs are in the right hands!” name=”Ivan Jegdić” rating=”-1″ avatar=”1918″][/wvc_testimonial_slider]
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Hey! I’m Sava, a drummer, guitarist, producer, mixing and mastering engineer based in Kruševac, Serbia.

I have worked with bands and artists like: KAALI, Suffering’s the price, Face of the moment, Mind prison, FYN, Ivan Jegdić, Keni nije mrtav, Lednik, Forgotten scream, Stevan Dobrota, Mark my words, Blankfile and many more…

I pride myself in creating unique sounding modern records. I love working in every genre as I love music and everything about it. I tend to be open-minded about it and I would be glad to work with you on your project!

If your next record needs a fresh sound, hit me up!

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